Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hi Qatar First Post

After completing four years as a resident in Qatar, now it looks like am gonna continue staying here as long as circumstances allow me. So it's time to start a new blog exclusively for Qatar!

The idea is not to capture my thoughts and experiences here but to document every interesting place or activity in and around Qatar.

I will make separate posts for every attraction or places of interest in Qatar be it a beach or monument or a museum. I will try to provide only a brief description with maps and GPS coordinates and few photos. The post will have labels/tags to easily identify and group them. And finally, I will have a short note about my visit there noting down the date and the status of the place at that time. It's really hard to find out up to date information online about Qatar and the focus of this blog will be just that. :)

Here are the tags/labels I have in mind for now with some examples listed:

- Beach: Mesaeed, Wakra, Fuwairit
- Park: Wakra, Al Bidda, MIA Park
- Museum: MIA, Mataf
- Marketplace: Souq Waqif, The Pearl, Katara
- Nature: In Land Sea, Singing Dunes
- Cityscape: Corniche, West Bay Towers, Qatar Foundation Education City
- Mall: Villaggio, City Center, Landmark, The Mall, Ikea, Al Khor Mall, One Mall
- Cinema: Villaggio, City Center, The Pearl, West End Park.

Readers of this blog can post comments explaining any information that was missed or inaccurate and can share their experience as well.


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